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CarMax’s Effects on Murrieta

The new Murrieta CarMax location is the largest in the country. At 35 acres, it has potential to move as many as 1,000 cars a week through auction house sales alone. In addition to the auction house, CarMax has an inventory of 500 cars on the lot and a production facility that repairs and reconditions hundreds more automobiles. The facility is also having an effect on the community by donating to non-profits in the region and playing and active role in community engagement.

Sales for window repair companies, body work experts, and painters in surrounding areas are also increasing by referral from CarMax.Christian Petersen, a former executive at Sears is the General Manager of CarMax and oversees’ operations and over 250 employees at the Murrieta location. Peterson told a reporter for The Press Enterprise that the community engagement and local referrals are “why the community loves us so much. Murrieta Mayor Rick Gibbs is feeling the love too. He spoke to Dwight Cromie, publisher of California CEO Magazine about all the benefits CarMax is bringing to the Murrieta and the surrounding region. "[Carmax is] outperforming their wildest expectations" Gibbs said.

Carlos Raygoza, Auction Services Location General Manager told The Press Enterprise that the auction business is continuing to grow. The four lane auction house at CarMax Murrieta is a defining feature at the facility. It encourages as many as 500 local dealers to attend auctions on a weekly, many of which utilize nearby amenities such as hotels and restaurants.

Individual parties interested in buying a vehicle from CarMax will notice the professionals there do not negotiate on pricing. CarMax is unlike other auto retailers in that if it does not sell a car they have the ability to auction it to another dealership.

Murrieta CarMax opened this February and it’s becoming clear the impacts this facility is having and will continue to have on the community.

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