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1. What does “Passive Enrollment” mean?
2. If, I am currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account and want to continue enrollment for the same dollar amount into the next calendar year; do I need to take action.
3. I have less than $610 in my Flexible Spending Account; do I need to take any action to roll over the funds to the new calendar year.
4. I have waived medical coverage through the City for the current calendar year and am waiving coverage for the new calendar year. Do I need to take any action?
5. How do I compare Medical Plans and where do I find this information?
6. How do I complete the Benefit Election Worksheet?
7. Who Qualifies for Cash in Lieu?
8. How are Cafeteria Dollars Distributed?
9. What can Cafeteria dollars be used to fund?
10. How do I complete the FSA Enrollment Form?
11. How do I change my Deferred Compensation contributions for the new calendar year?