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1. Will City Hall remain open during COVID-19, and if so, what are the operating hours?
2. Can I still apply, and/or pay for a: Building permit/Engineering permits, business license, passport or self-haul application, Fire Inspections?
3. Do I need to go into City Hall to pay, apply for a business license, etc.?
4. If my business temporarily closes, do I have to closeout my business license account?
5. If my business is temporarily closed for weeks or months, will the city extend my business license to make up for it?
6. What City facilities are closed, due to COVID-19?
7. What City facilities are open at the City?
8. Will the City issue refunds on recreation classes or shelter reservations?
9. Will Police and Fire response be affected?
10. Will my trash and recycling service be impacted?
11. Will utility services be impacted by COVID-19?
12. Will animal care services be impacted by COVID-19?
13. What if I am senior citizen that normally participates in the senior lunch program?
14. Can I apply for a library card online, so I can use the online resources?
15. What if I am in danger of losing my home or rental unit?
16. How do I get tested for COVID-19?
17. Where can I get the latest information regarding COVID-19?