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1. Where can I find more information about the project?
2. What streets will be included in the project?
3. How were streets selected?
4. My street wasn’t included. Can my street be added to the current project?
5. My street IS included in the current project, but I don’t want it to receive slurry. Can it be removed from the project?
6. My street is included, when exactly will it be scheduled?
7. Will the City apply slurry to streets in gated communities?
8. Will slurry make my street like new?
9. Why are only some streets being done in my neighborhood
10. How long will the dark black color of the newly slurried streets last?
11. Slurry was just applied to my street but it looks brown. Is something wrong?
12. What happens if I drive on the wet slurry?
13. I have damage to my vehicle, or other property, due to the slurry project. What do I do?
14. May I leave my car in my driveway while slurry is applied to my street?
15. My house is: Being sold / being painted / hosting a party / hosting a wedding / undergoing repairs / I am moving out / in / I have mobility needs / etc. How will the slurry seal affect this?
16. What if it rains?