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1. How do I request a building inspection?
2. Does someone need to be present at the job site for the inspection?
3. How do I know if my inspection was approved?
4. If I have a problem or question, when can I talk to my Inspector?
5. How do I get a Certificate of Occupancy?
6. How do I apply for a building permit?
7. Do I need a permit to replace my water heater?
8. Do I need a permit to replace my wood fence?
9. Do I need a permit to build a short retaining wall or planter wall?
10. What is required for Plan Review submittal?
11. When will my permit expire?
12. Can I review permit and plan records for my property?
13. Do I need a building permit for a storage shed?
14. What are the hours of inspection?
15. What time will my inspector show up?
16. Can I get an inspection without a city issued permit?
17. What do I need when my inspector shows up for my inspection?
18. How do I get a copy of plans and or past permits?