Street Sweeping

Picture of street sweeper truck

The City of Murrieta contracts with CR&R Environmental Services to sweep over 520 linear miles of City maintained streets twice per month to keep debris from entering the storm drain and polluting our creeks, beaches, and ocean. 

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If the streets cannot be swept, debris and muck can quickly get trapped underneath parked cars and lodge along the gutter pan/curb, where the debris can harbor bacteria and pollutants. Excess water from irrigating our lawns and rainfall can carry the debris down the street, entering the local storm drain or local creeks. 

Operation Clean Street

Operation Clean Street is a City initiative that strives to encourage residents to not park on their residential streets during street sweeping days, so that all the debris that collects underneath parked cars and along the gutter pan/curb can be swept up before being carried down the storm drain and out into the ocean. 

Did you know that if one car is parked on the street, then the sweeper will miss sweeping an area three cars in length to maneuver around the parked car?

Resident Tips

  • Please move parked cars from the street on street sweeping days before 7 am, so that the street sweeper can sweep up the leaves, dirt and other debris that collect on the street, underneath the cars, and in the gutter pan. Inoperable vehicles are not permitted to park on Murrieta streets.
  • Please dispose of your leaves and yard debris and tree branches (green waste) as part of your regular trash pick-up, and DO NOT sweep green waste into the street. Large piles of branches or debris can cause damage to the vacuum operation of the street sweeper, and the street sweeper will avoid debris on the street.
  • Try not to irrigate your lawns on street sweeping days.  A dry curb and pavement allows for a better pick-up of dirt and debris by the street sweeper.
  • Prune trees and shrubs so that they do not block the street sweepers from reaching the curb line.