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AB 602 - City of Murrieta Reporting

  1. Request for Total Amount of Fees and Exactions
    In accordance with California Government Code section 65940.1(a)(3)(A) and (B), please provide the total amount of fees and exactions for your project.

    The total amount should consist of the following:

    All fees charged, EXCEPT for:
    • Water and sewer connection and capacity charges
    • School fees
    Exactions, including:
    • Construction excise tax
    • A requirement that the housing development project provide public art or an in-lieu payment
    • Dedications of parkland or in-lieu fees imposed
    • Mello-Roos or other taxes (CFD taxes)
    The City will post this information on our internet website and update it at least twice per year.

    The City of Murrieta is not responsible for the accuracy of the information received from development proponents and posted on this site.

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