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Describe Your Community of Interest

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  2. This form is for online submissions. If you would prefer to complete a hardcopy form, please download it below and submit per instructions on the document..
  3. Describe Your Community of Interest (COI):

    Please be sure to include what makes it a Community of Interest (e.g. shared culture, common neighborhood projects, etc.), where it is located (i.e. streets, creeks, freeways, or other places that make up the exterior boundaries of your COI), and why it should be kept together (e.g. easier to work with 1 City Council Member). A COI can be any size – large or small – and does not need to be the same size as a district. Often multiple COIs are included in one district! 

  4. Thank you for participating!

    Please submit this form electronically before October 27, 2021. This process would not be possible without your knowledge of your community!

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