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Letter of Authority - 602 PC

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  2. Letter of Authority - 602 PC
  3. I am the owner or owner's agent in lawful possession of the referenced property located in the City of Murrieta:
  4. Trespassing Details

    Please list additional details about who are trespassing (ie: names of persons, vehicle details, etc.)

  5. This property may be experiencing an influx of undesirable trespassers. I/We are concerned about possible illegal activity and the potential of individuals living on this property. Therefore, we are filing this "No Trespassing" letter with the City of Murrieta/Murrieta Police Department to allow the City and its officers to enforce the trespass provisions of the California Penal Code and/or Murrieta Municipal Code in respect to the listed property. I/We affirm that "No Trespassing" signs are posted throughout, in plain view and in the common areas associated with the property. I/We expressly authorize your officers to arrest and/or issue citations to trespassers during the following on year period starting on the date listed above.
  6. I understand it is our responsibility to renew this authorization in one year from the above date. I will notify you in the future if I am no longer the owner, agent or representative of this property.
  7. The following information provides your department with the ability to contact me or person(s) with authority to respond in my absence.
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