How do I confirm a business license?

You may search for a business by business name, business address, or business type using our online business search. *Results will include: business license #, business name, start date, expiration date, business address (excluding home occupations), phone number, and website address. 

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1. Is my Murrieta Business License valid for all cities?
2. Can I get a copy of my license emailed to me?
3. Can I print my license?
4. Who can update my license information?
5. How far back in license arrears will the city go?
6. How do I confirm a business license?
7. What is my business start date?
8. I barely have business in Murrieta, do I still need a business license?
9. What's an account number?
10. Where do I find my license number?
11. Where do I get my PIN number?