What is the cost?

Non-Hosted STVR application/renewal fee = $349.00 + $75.00* Business License Fee (base) + $4.00* Assembly Bill (AB) 1379 State Fee.

Hosted STVR application/renewal fee = $200.00 + $75.00* Business License Fee (base) + $4.00* AB 1379 State Fee.

*Please Note that business license fees can vary depending on gross receipts and the State of California fees are subject to change over time. Please see the Schedule of Fees at the following link for additional details: https://www.murrietaca.gov/903/Fee-Schedule

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1. What is a Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR)?
2. What are my responsibilities as a Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) host and operator?
3. Where can I report an issue with neighboring Short-Term Vacation Rental (Noise, Parking, Trash, etc.)?
4. Where are Short-Term Vacation Rentals allowed in the City?
5. How many are allowed?
6. How can I apply for a Short-Term Vacation Rental permit?
7. What is the cost?
8. How many overnight Short-Term Vacation Rental occupants can stay at my Short-Term Vacation Rental?
9. How many daytime guests are allowed?
10. Where does the Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit Number have to be posted?
11. How much parking is required with operating a Short-Term Vacation Rental?
12. Where does parking for the Short-Term Vacation Rental have to be located and what has to be displayed?
13. What is Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and how does it have to paid?
14. What is the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) rate?
15. How long is my Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit good for?
16. If I sell my property, can I transfer the existing Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit?
17. Do I have to notify my neighbors with Permit approval?