What does “Passive Enrollment” mean?

Passive enrollment allows employees to simply keep their current benefit elections.   If no changes are required to your benefit elections, no action required.

Please make note; if the following applies to you, a Benefit Election Worksheet in addition to a Benefit Enrollment or Change form is required.

  • Changing you medical plan for the new calendar year. 
  • Changing dependents for the new calendar year; including adding or deleting dependents.
  • Enrolling in FSA for the new calendar year. FSA requires an annual re-enrollment. 
  • If you are requesting to allocate Cafeteria Dollars differently than the previous year such as applying more or less Cafeteria dollars to FSA. 

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1. What does “Passive Enrollment” mean?
2. If, I am currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account and want to continue enrollment for the same dollar amount into the next calendar year; do I need to take action.
3. I have less than $610 in my Flexible Spending Account; do I need to take any action to roll over the funds to the new calendar year.
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