What is a Temporary Sign?

A temporary sign is a sign that is not, permanently or for a long periods of time, affixed to a building, wall or structure. There are three types of temporary signs:

  • Temporary Business Identification Signs are for new businesses that need a temporary sign while coordinating the installation of permanent signs; a maximum of two temporary signs not to exceed 90 days and not exceeding a total of 50 square feet for the two signs.
  • Temporary Advertising/Promotional Signs are for advertising or promoting business or events that are affixed to a window, wall, building surface, or similar structure and may be erected for a maximum of 30 days per annual quarter. Signs painted or placed on windows shall not exceed 25% of the window area, all other signs affixed to other surfaces or structures shall not exceed 25 square feet.
  • Noncommercial Signs are for signs communicating a personal message, including campaign/election signs. Noncommercial signs on residential properties shall not exceed 16 square feet of
    sign area or eight feet in height. On non-residential properties, the signs shall not exceed 25 square feet.

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