Why is the City facing a budget deficit?

Murrieta has grown in recent years, but funding for public safety programs and other essential city services has not kept pace. Over the last seven years, our City has been responsible stewards of limited resources, proactively reducing staff and streamlining city services to maintain the level of service our community has come to expect. Even with these necessary steps, the City faces a structural deficit of several million dollars in the coming fiscal years. Tough decisions are looming that could threaten our safety and quality of life unless a local solution is identified.

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1. What contributes to the City of Murrieta’s high quality of life?
2. How does the City of Murrieta ensure the safety of its residents?
3. What other essential city services does the City of Murrieta provide?
4. Why is the City facing a budget deficit?
5. How is the City developing a long-term solution to its funding needs?
6. How would a local funding measure help protect essential city services?
7. How can I be certain that all funds would be spent as promised?
8. Could the State cut or take this local funding?
9. Does a sales tax measure ensure that Murrieta’s visitors pay their fair share?
10. Do sales tax measures affect essential purchases like groceries and medicine?
11. How much would the measure cost?
12. How can I learn more about Measure T?