What other essential city services does the City of Murrieta provide?

The City of Murrieta works hard to ensure local streets, parks and public spaces are safe, clean and well-maintained. A strong public library and parks and recreation system, including after school, sports and summer recreational programs, provide kids in our community with safe and supervised activities that keep them off the streets, away from gangs and out of trouble. Our community senior center helps keep our residents independent, active and engaged.

The quality of neighborhood streets and roads is critical to reducing traffic congestion, maintaining safe neighborhoods and keeping our commercial areas appealing for patrons of Murrieta's local businesses. Safe and clean parks and neighborhoods help maintain our high quality of life, protect local property values and keep Murrieta a special place to live. However, local streets, sidewalks and community facilities require ongoing maintenance that is beyond currently available resources. If we do not address these issues now, it will be more expensive to repair and maintain them in the future.

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3. What other essential city services does the City of Murrieta provide?
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