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  1. Anyone else out there wish we had a Bristol Farms or Whole Foods market in our city ?

    Organize a write in campaign to these grocers if there is interest

    Jul 15, 2021 by Craig (5 points)

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  2. co stop Government official murrieta Ca Pd case report cover for mpd officers Enrique Romero p658, James Tompkins p659, Matthew Guzzino p1154 carla Sanchez

    complaint & received Certified letters Admin Invest TConrad chief of police Oct 9, 2021 City Clerks Office , Oct 20, 2021 Dept of Risk & Ins Gov Portal, negligence causing injury(Oct 31, 2021 tazed,...

    Apr 15, 2023 by CJ Maldonado (7 points)

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