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Posted on: September 20, 2023

Murrieta Innovation Center Welcomes International Tenant NeuroReality

MIC Welcomes NeuroReality (2)

The Murrieta Innovation Center is pleased to announce the addition of NeuroReality, a groundbreaking Dutch company, as a new international tenant. Founded in 2017, NeuroReality has been at the forefront of democratizing access to cognitive rehabilitation and positively impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide who suffer from cognitive impairments relating to brain injury after a stroke. The company's mission to reduce the global economic burden on society by lowering healthcare costs and indirect costs of disability and lost productivity aligns with the values of the Murrieta Innovation Center (MIC). 

“NeuroReality's flagship product, Koji's Quest, has shown tremendous promise in revolutionizing cognitive rehabilitation,” shared Scott Agajanian, City of Murrieta Economic Development Director. “Koji’s Quest has already been successfully deployed in more than 15 pilot sites across the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States, and we are incredibly proud to support its expansion through the partnership with the MIC.” The product is CE marked (a regulatory standard that indicates a product meets European safety rules) and patent pending. 

"We are thrilled to welcome NeuroReality to the Murrieta Innovation Center," said Patrick Ellis, Managing Director for the Murrieta Innovation Center. "Their dedication to enhancing cognitive rehabilitation accessibility and improving the lives of individuals with cognitive impairments resonates deeply with our vision of fostering innovation and transformative technologies." 

Koji's Quest has garnered widespread recognition for its innovative approach to cognitive rehabilitation. The product utilizes cutting-edge virtual reality technology to create engaging and immersive experiences, facilitating cognitive improvement in a fun and interactive manner. By combining technology and rehabilitation expertise, NeuroReality's solution has the potential to revolutionize the way cognitive impairments are addressed, offering hope to millions worldwide. 

In 2023, NeuroReality is set to expand its presence in the United States, working closely with strategic distribution partners and its dedicated business development and sales team. The decision to establish a foothold at the Murrieta Innovation Center reflects the region's reputation as a hub for innovation and the MIC’s commitment to fostering the growth of pioneering companies. "Joining the Murrieta Innovation Center is an exciting step for NeuroReality. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to be a part of Murrieta Innovation Center’s dynamic ecosystem, allowing us to collaborate beyond borders and begin our journey of growth and progress in the United States. Being part of an environment that encourages disruptive ideas and rewards ambition is inspiring. Together with Murrieta Innovation Center’s support, we are creating a new healthcare reality that challenges the status quo making innovative solutions like Koji’s Quest accessible and affordable to those who need it. Our journey starts here!" said Sandy Rathod, PhD, CEO of NeuroReality. " 

The Murrieta Innovation Center offers an ideal ecosystem for ambitious companies like NeuroReality to thrive. With a collaborative environment, and access to a vast network of industry experts and resources, as well as upcoming projects to bring state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Center remains committed to propelling the success of its tenants.

To learn more about NeuroReality, visit their website at

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