Security Camera Registration

If you have a residential or business security camera, the Murrieta Police Department would like to partner with you.

Security cameras can be a powerful tool in helping deter crime as well as identifying offenders when crimes are captured on video.  Participation in this program will help strengthen our investigative abilities and give us an easier way to communicate more effectively with potential witnesses.  You could have video of a crime that occurred in your neighborhood and not even know it.

Registering your cameras with us does not give us the ability to freely access your cameras, claim ownership of or dictate your camera system’s function. This is simply a contact list that will allow us to see who might have captured security footage that could be related to a crime that occurred in your area.

When a crime is committed, we will refer to the Security Camera Registration database to identify any possible cameras that may have captured something of interest.  We will then contact the camera’s owner and request they provide security video from the date and time of the crime.  This process greatly expedites and enhances the investigation and may lead to the quick apprehension of the criminal.

Information regarding your security system will be for Murrieta Police Department use only.  Participation in the program does not alter your rights to privacy in any way and is completely voluntary.  Registrant information is kept confidential and the registrant can withdraw at any time by contacting the program coordinator.

Click here to register your security camera

Surveillance System Recommendations

When purchasing a new surveillance system, please keep the following in mind:

•    The higher the resolution of the cameras, the more helpful the footage will be. 

•    A minimum of 20-day information storage is recommended.

•    Cameras should face the entrance and exit points.

•    Cameras should be placed on private property only.