Information Bulletins

Information Bulletins provide general guidance and direction on a variety of common land use topics and questions.

Bulletin Code
Accessory Dwelling UnitIB-108What are the requirements for an Accessory Dwelling Unit?6-2022
Alternative Methods IB-115How to request for alternative materials, design or constriction methods04-20-2018
Cannabis and CBDIB-206What are the Regulations for Cannabis and CBD08-22-2019
Cargo Containers as an accessory structureIB-233What are the allowances for cargo containers as an accessory structure07-08-2022
Clearing Due to an Abatement OrderIB-501Information on what to do when given an abatement order from Fire to clear weeds, dead or dying vegetation, etc.6-2023
Concurrent Processing IB-126How to request concurrent processing of permits04-20-2018
Density BonusIB-212What are the requirements 06-24-2021
Discretionary Process IB-226 What are the time/costs associated with processing 04-20-2018
Electric Vehicle Charging StationsIB-155What are the requirements
Fees, Building PermitsIB-106How to determine fees for building permits04-20-2018
Fees, Discretionary PermitsIB-205 How to determine fees for discretionary permits04-20-2018
Fees, School DistrictsIB-107 How to determine fees for school districts04-20-2018
Filming, Commercial
What are the permitting requirements for commercial filming
Housing Accountability and Affordability Act (SB35)
IB-213Outlines the streamlined ministerial permit processing allowances provided under this act
Housing Crisis Act (SB 330)
Outlines SB 330 Act
State Housing MandatesIB-214State Housing Mandates (RHNA) explained
Outdoor Eating and Seating
IB-210 What are the requirements for outdoor dining & seating areas04-20-2018
Outside Agencies Contact DivisionIB-127Contact Information for Outside Agencies
Patio CoversIB-117 What are the specifications for a patio cover04-20-2018
Pre-Application Process IB-225 How to apply for a Pre-Application Meeting01-10-2020
Project Issue ResolutionIB-005 How to request a PIR conference with the Director04-20-2018
Recreational Vehicle StorageIB-229 Recreational Vehicle Storage11-19-2018
Revolving Fund Program IB-228 Downtown Restaurant Revolving Fund Program06-05-2018
Signs, TemporaryIB-227 What are the requirements and limitations for temporary signs05-03-2018
Site/Plot Plan IB-105 How to prepare a Site Plan and Plot Plan11-19-2018
Solar Photovoltaic, ResidentialIB-125
How to obtain a permit for residential solar08-22-2019
Street Name Sign, Private IB-325 Private Street Names Signs05-23-2018
Temporary Containers 
IB-232What are allowances for Temporary Containers07-08-2022
Water Heaters 
What are the requirements for water heaters