Murrieta Massage Ordinance

Online Virtual Workshop

The City of Murrieta will be holding this virtual workshop from Monday, May 3, 2021, through Friday, May 14, 2021, on this webpage for proposed changes to Massage Business and Therapist requirements.

If you have comments or questions on the proposed changes, please email Chris Tracy, Senior Planner

Proposed Code 

Summary of Proposed Changes for Review

  • Italicizes terms used throughout the ordinance so it is clear a defined term is being used
  • Clarifies that massage businesses under the personal services definition which operating in accordance with State law and in compliance with the Municipal Code are not considered “massage parlors,” which are regulated as adult entertainment businesses.
  • Updates to Land Use Tables and Creates a new Section 16.44.270 (Massage, Accessory Use, and Establishments) which defines locational aspects with respect to each massage business type.
  • Regulates massage performed as an accessory use (where massage occurs in conjunction with primary permitted land use and the area where the massage occurs covers less than a specific percentage of the gross floor area of the principal use).  Examples include health and fitness clubs, hotels, medical offices, beauty salons, etc. that have a massage room.
  • Establishes zoning requirements for massage establishments (stand-alone) to further restrict/regulate the number of establishments and assist with enforcement efforts (1,000-foot separation, 1 business per 5,000 residents); Existing stand-alone businesses would be considered legal, non-conforming use.
  • Specifies that all massage technicians and independent contractors, whether full-time, part-time or temporary status, must have a current/valid CAMTC certificate issued by the State.
  • Provides examples of types of massages that would be subject to the Ordinance (i.e. Swedish massage, sports massage, shiatsu, polarity therapy, rolfing, heller work, reflexology, reiki, etc.)
  • Adds a definition for “Specified Anatomical Areas” to further limit the private areas of the body that may be touched in addition to genitals and the female breasts 
  • Defines/regulates massage establishments, massage accessory uses, residential massage establishments (phase-out existing), couple massage, and outcall massage separately according to license and operating requirements.
  • Requires that the City be provided CAMTC certificates for each massage technician before performing massage.
  • Massage technicians must wear CAMTC badge at all times on business premises, whether or not performing massage.
  • Massage log shall be completed in English on a form provided by the City and retained for two years (currently 1 year).
  • A manager, owner, or operator approved by the City and responsible for business operations shall be on-site during business hours
  • Operating requirements apply to all massage businesses (massage establishments, massage accessory use, residential massage uses, & outcall massage), unless expressly exempt from a requirement.
  • Updated Facility requirements.
  • Updated Advertising and Inspection by Official’s requirements. 
  • Clarifies and increases the time period for revocation for 5 years throughout City (Currently 1 year). Prohibition of use at same location criteria for 5 years as well
  • Requires a signed statement for Non-CAMTC certified owners/operators/managers authorizing the Police Department to conduct a background check. 
  • Allows denial of a permit if the applicant has previously had a business permit/license denied, revoked, or suspended by any agency, board, city, county, territory, or state.
  • Adds additional persons/entities exempt from the requirements of the Ordinance (i.e. athletic trainers, barbers, beauticians, cosmetologists, aestheticians, manicurists, etc. and those licensed by the State who perform massage within the scope of their license).
  • Updated Violation and Penalty Appeal provisions consistent with other sections of the Municipal Code.
  • Authorizes the City Manager to review and make modifications to the fee/permit changes from time to time without requiring a resolution adopted by the Council each time.

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Human Trafficking

Lastly, attention must be brought to California Senate Bill 1193 which was signed by the Governor on September 24, 2012, and added section 52.6 of the California Civil code. This state law addresses the problem and crime of Human Trafficking by requiring certain businesses to post a notice informing the public of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-373-7888 and the California Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) at 888-539-2373 at certain businesses throughout the state. Subsection 12 of this code specifically requires Massage Establishments to post the fliers in a conspicuous place at their business.