Equestrian Park Preferred Concept Plan

Developing the Concept Plan

Murrieta City Council conducted a workshop on the conceptual design for the Equestrian Park on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. Council tasked staff in a workshop in October of 2015 to reform the Equestrian Ad-Hoc Committee to suggest improvements allowing for the greatest and widest possible use of the Equestrian Park. 

In addition, City Council charged this committee with assisting a consultant in a redesign of the park facility that would ensure usability across the various equestrian disciplines and that would serve as a guide to future development of the park. 

At the most recent workshop, City Council opted to support the conceptual design. Additional direction was provided to utilize the ad-hoc committee on an as-needed basis as well as to issue a Request for Proposal to lease the paddock next to the Stallion Barn upon the current tenant vacating the property.