Temporary Sign Regulations

Signs Not Allowed

Several types of signs are not allowed in the City of Murrieta at any location. These include:

  • Signs placed or projecting into the public right-of-way or public property
  • Portable freestanding signs
  • Off-site signs
  • Vehicle signs (where the vehicle is parked for 48-hours or more to function as a sign)

Public Right-of-Way

The public right-of-way includes public streets, sidewalks and utilities. It also includes landscaping that is parallel to the street and sidewalk. The public right-of way typically extends 12 feet to 16 feet tram the curb face.

Business, advertising/promotional and noncommercial signs are not permitted within the public right-at-way.

Subject to Change

Murrieta's City Council is still working through the questions and details regarding this sign ordinance, therefore changes to this ordinance are possible. We will keep our business community informed.

Download the City's Temporary Sign Application.

View the City's Temporary Signs Information Bulletin (IB227)