Proclamation or Recognition Item

The City Council regularly recognizes people, organizations, events, and dignitaries that impact the Murrieta community. It is the policy of the City Council of the City of Murrieta to issue proclamations and other recognition items to honor an individual, an organization, recognize a special event or a special day, month or year. City Council members, citizens, or bona fide organizations may request a proclamation and other recognition items.

Recognition requests relevant to the City of Murrieta may be honored except those related to political, religious, or lifestyle ideology. The City Manager will determine if the recognition item meets the requirements of this policy and may consult with the Mayor.


Please refer to the requirements outlined in City Council Policy 100-03R (PDF) when submitting your request. Due to the high volume of requests received, please allow a minimum of 3 weeks to process your request. Please complete the requested information. For further Information or assistance, please contact the City Clerk's office at 951-461-6031.

Submit a Proclamation and Recognition Item Request.