Park Rangers

Mission Statement

Park Rangers Joe Carpenter and Melecia Price Stand Beside Their VehiclesThe mission of Murrieta’s Parks and Recreation Department is to provide safe, clean, beautiful, and accessible facilities, parks and open spaces, as well as offer a variety of leisure activities for all people in the areas of recreation, education, and culture. Services shall be provided to enrich the quality of life for the local community and to provide economic value through parks and facilities, which create tourism and encourage long-term community stability and growth.

What We Do

The diverse responsibilities of the Murrieta Park Rangers include park security and safety, visitor services, resource management, and interpretive programs.

Park & Facility Patrols

Park Rangers patrol City parks daily, enforcing City ordinances and park rules, inspecting for unsafe conditions, and addressing maintenance concerns. Park Rangers patrol all City facilities and perform after-hour checks for open doors and windows, vandalism, alcohol and skateboard violations, and unsafe conditions. Park Rangers patrol by vehicle and on foot.

Interpretive & Public Outreach

Park Rangers educate the public about the usage of the City's parks and open space. Park Rangers make classroom visits to local schools, lead park tours, and meet with park users in everyday contacts. Park Rangers also monitor park reservations and public events in City parks.

Contact Us

Contact the Parks and Recreation Department, Maintenance office at 951-461-6124 to speak to an on-duty Ranger. If unable to contact a Park Ranger at this number, contact the Murrieta Police Dispatch at 951-304-2677 and request that a Park Ranger respond.

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