You Are Not Alone (YANA)

What is YANA?  

The Yana Program is one of the many valuable public services provided by the Murrieta Police Department and the MPD Volunteers.  YANA, or, You Are Not Alone, promotes peace in mind and a sense for the elderly or disabled who enjoy the independence of living alone but have no friends or family members available to check in on them with any consistency.  While enrollees in the YANA Program are generally able to take care of their own day-to-day needs, they also recognize that a medical crisis in or about the home could render them helpless and worsen if their distress goes unnoticed.  

How it Works

Monday thru Friday, a volunteer will make a phone call to the YANA enrollee.  A daily log is kept verifying that contact was made and to note any special requests or information.  During these phone calls, a volunteer will confirm the welfare of the enrollee, schedule the in-home visit, and to just have a casual conversation.

If a YANA enrollee does not answer the phone call, the volunteer repeats the call over a specified time period.  If there continues to be no response, s volunteer will go to the YANA enrollee's residence for a welfare check.  If they see a problem or still cannot make contact, a police officer is called to the scene immediately, and emergency medical aid may be requested. 

One day during the week will be a visiting day for the YANA enrollee.  Instead of a phone call, each YANA enrollee gets a personal visit from the volunteers.  This brings a more personal touch to the program and ensures that the YANA enrollee's home and physical appearance are monitored.  Anything out of the ordinary is logged and reported. 

Who is Not Eligible

Elderly individuals with a mental health illness and who might pose a threat to the volunteers will not be eligible to be a YANA enrollee.  


The YANA Program is provided FREE OF CHARGE to the citizens of Murrieta by the Murrieta Police Department and the MPD Volunteers as a service to the community.

How to Register

Anyone interested in registering a family member or friend, please contact Officer M. Byrne at [email protected] or 951-461-6399.