Kickball League

Fall 2023 Season

The 2023 Fall Season information is now available. Please get in touch with the adult sports office if you have any questions by calling 951-461-6117 or emailing Victor Patino.

LEAGUE FORMAT: The league will use an 8.5” size kickball. Adult Kickball teams are guaranteed seven games ( six regular-season games and one playoff game); a full team would consist of five men and five women. A team can play a game with a minimum of eight players and a maximum of 13 players as long as the kicking order adheres to the alternating gender-kicking rule when Friday Co-ed has full league game times at 6:30, 7:45 and 9:00 p.m. 

Everyone makes the 2-week playoffs (Single Elimination

NIGHT OF PLAY: Friday. (All dates are subject to change depending on the number of registered teams and field availability.)

ROSTERS: There is a roster limit of 13 players. Players can play on only one team per season. Managers will be required to have players sign a game roster before the start of each game. Failure to sign a game roster or a game card could result in a team forfeit. All players must sign the game card before the start of each game. Any player who fails to sign the game card will not be eligible to play.


Online Registration

Friday Coed League Click here.

Kickball Spring 2022 flyer

  1. Victor Patino

    Recreation Supervisor

  2. Field Conditions: 951-461-6101

Park Rules

All games will be played at California Oaks Sports Park and Torrey Pines Park (TPP). TPP is an all artificial turn park that enables games to be played year-round without rainouts and with a field that is always prepped; however, some rules apply to this park. A few of the big ones include:

  • No sunflower seeds on the field or in the dugout.
  • No metal spikes.
  • Only water is allowed on the field or in the dugout.

Co-Ed Open League

Individual Players (Free Agents)

If you are a single player wanting to be placed on the free-agent list please fill out the form.  A free agent is an individual who wants to play and cannot create their own team. There is no fee to be put on the free-agent list. This list is available to anyone who would like to download it to search for additional players. There is no guarantee by filling out the form that you will get on a team.

Field Conditions

For inclement weather, please call the weather hotline at 951-461-6101 after 4 p.m. during the week and 1 p.m. on Sundays, or visit the Field Conditions page for more information.

Recruiting All Officials

The Parks and Recreation Department is currently recruiting sporting officials interested in officiating adult kickball games. Staff will train all officials on the league rules and policies. Interested parties should contact 951-461-6117 or email Victor Patino. All interested parties would need to be available Thursday evenings for 12 weeks during the 2016 summer.

Kickball Umpire Rating Form

Submit a Kickball Umpire Rating Form for the City of Murrieta.