Police Officer Fitness Program

CrossFit Gym

The Murrieta Police Department (MPD) encourages its Officers to maintain a high level of physical fitness in order to meet the many unexpected demands of the job and to best serve the community we protect. Police work can be physically demanding and Officer fitness is critical to the effectiveness of any law enforcement agency.

The Police Department maintains a CrossFit-certified gym for Officers to work out in. In 2013, the Murrieta Police Officers Association took on the challenge of updating the gym and its equipment. Using funds from association dues, the gym was turned into a CrossFit style workout space with an emphasis on functional fitness.

A CrossFit Affiliate

The MPD gym is recognized as an official non-profit CrossFit affiliate and we have two Officers who volunteer their time as certified CrossFit trainers.

SWAT Physical Fitness Qualifications

The physical fitness qualification for our SWAT team is listed below for those who want to give it a try:

The SWAT qualification is conducted in two parts. Part 1 has a 15 minute time cap and includes a 1 mile run followed by 15 dead hang pull ups, 50 sit ups and 50 push ups. Part 2 has a 3 minute time cap and includes a 15 foot rope climb followed by a 155 pound sled pull for 100 meters.

Please note: Officers are encouraged to use the gym facility but it is not mandatory by policy.