Sports & Field Conditions

Adult Sports

While being competitive and striving for excellence are an important part of athletics, sports provide many other teachable moments with effects that last far longer than the temporary rush of victory. Learning how to accept defeat and exhibiting positive sportsmanship skills, especially in defeat, are valuable life lessons. The City of Murrieta offers a number of adult sports programs as well as assists youth league organizations in creating safe playing facilities for all ages and skill levels.

Currently, the City of Murrieta offers adult softball, soccer, and kickball. To find out more about these exciting opportunities, please go to our adult sports programs page.

Field Rentals

Organized activities on any City of Murrieta athletic field, are by permit only. To find out the latest requirements for field rentals, please click HERE.

Field Conditions

Inclement weather or broken irrigation sometimes plays a part in canceling games or practices. Find out the latest on field conditions.