Police Activities League

The Police Activities League (PAL) is a partnership between Safe Alternatives For Everyone (SAFE) and the Murrieta / Temecula Police Departments. SAFE is a local non-profit domestic violence and family support organization located in Temecula.

PAL coordinates recreational, educational, and athletic activities for disadvantaged or at-risk youth within our community. Police officers volunteer their time to attend PAL events with the intention of providing mentorship and to serve as positive role models. PAL activities create an environment where youth and law enforcement are able to communicate with each other in a neutral environment to foster positive attitudes and mutual respect.


Activities include bowling, movie nights, arts and crafts, mountain biking, sailing, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. PAL also has a boxing program with weekly training.


PAL participation is for students between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. Activities are organized within specific age categories and are age appropriate. Students ages 5 to 12 participate in Young PAL, and students 13 and older participate in Teen PAL. PAL has an annual enrollment fee of $20/child per calendar year.