Drowning Prevention

Parents whose children have drowned say the day of the tragedy started out just like any other day. No matter how the drowning happened or where it happened - pool, spa, or any other body of water - one thing was the same, the seconds that claimed their child's life slid by silently, without warning, and can never be brought back. It is a fact that drowning is the leading cause of injury death of children under five years of age in 18 states.

Facts About Drowning

  • Children drown during routine household activities, with adults present and providing normal levels of supervision.
  • Most children who drowned or nearly drowned were last seen in the house or away from the pool or spa.

Action Step - Protection

Use layers of barrier protection between the child and water to warn and impede. Pool and spa owners can take practical steps to make their pool and spa less dangerous by installing "layer of protection."

These include:

  • Alarms on doors and windows leading to the water, installed about five feet above ground level so that a child cannot reach them.
  • A non-climbable, five-foot fence that separates the pool/ spa from the residence should be installed. Openings should be no more than four inches wide so children cannot squeeze through the spaces.
  • Self-closing and Self-latching gates and doors leading to the pool/spa with latches above a child's reach. Gates should open outward.
  • Pool safety covers (power operated are the safest and easiest to use).