To provide quality certification, training, and education to both sworn and civilian personnel so that they may safely and effectively realize their greatest potential in service to the community.


To blend the most valuable lessons of the past with an array of innovative tools and concepts to create high caliber training and education programs.

Quality of Training

Through its mission, the department is committed to providing the best possible all-risk customer service to the community. In doing so, it is understood that all members – sworn and civilian – must be afforded well-structured opportunities to grow as professionals, thereby enhancing their safety, efficiency, and professionalism.

The breadth and quality of fire service training varies widely, depending on the available resources and experience afforded to each agency. While employers are legally responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace (OSHA), the foundation necessary to ensure that this happens is easily undermined by a lack of funding, poor organization, inconsistency, and inexperienced or unmotivated leadership.

Just as traditions are readily passed orally from one generation to the next, so too are the tales, styles, and techniques developed by each predecessor. Many of these experiences serve as valuable tools that should be cultivated; others are little more than legends rooted in fading memories. Regardless of their value, intangibles cannot exist within a vacuum. A system must be in place to ensure that material resources, including a set of training policies, procedures, and benchmarks exist and are regularly updated. 

Career Development

Healthy response agencies also stay in touch with emerging trends that have been proven to cultivate safety and efficiency, and enhance the leadership of its membership. Career development should provide a clear path that exposes members to a wide variety of perspectives, problem solving techniques, and technical resources. The Murrieta Fire Department is committed to finding that path through research, stakeholder engagement/partnerships, and accountability.