Fire Operations is the core foundation of the Murrieta Fire Department. The Operations Division is responsible for the rapid and timely delivery of emergency services to any incident that threatens or has the potential to threaten life or property. Five strategically located fire stations house personnel and specialized equipment that provides fire suppression, rescue, and special operations response. The companies are cross-trained in a variety of operations and are equipped to respond to all types of emergencies.


The Operations Division performs all duties related to:

  • Comprehensive fire pre-planning for high risk and special hazard properties
  • Emergency response 
    • Fire
    • Medical and hazard abatement
    • Rescue
  • Fire prevention and public education programs
  • In-service training for all personnel
  • Maintaining fire facilities, apparatus', and equipment
  • Non-emergency service calls

Shift Schedule

Each station is manned in shifts. Personnel are assigned to a rotating shift designated as A Shift, B Shift, and C Shift. Each shift works 24 hour days according to the shift calendar. Their work rotation is 2 days on/4 days off, a 48/96 work schedule. Shift Battalion Chiefs are in charge of daily operations at all stations during each of their respective shifts.