Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Training

On December 2nd, 2015, the City of San Bernardino experienced one of the worst active shooter / terrorist attacks in U.S. history. The incident resulted in the deaths of 14 innocent people with 22 more seriously injured. This incident prompted Murrieta businesses (managers and owners) to come forward and ask for "Active Shooter Training" from the Police Department.

Active Shooter for Businesses

In May of 2016, the Police Department, working with the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce, held an Active Shooter for Businesses presentation in Murrieta Council Chambers. The program was well accepted and has since been delivered to numerous businesses within the city, ranging from mortgage offices to hospitals. The 1-hour presentation is delivered by trained Murrieta Police Department (MPD) Officers that have expertise in critical incident management, including active shooters and rapid response incidents.

With additional time allotted and on a case by case basis, MPD personnel can conduct a site walkthrough with a manager to discuss site security and layout before the 1-hour presentation. If you are a Murrieta business and you are interested in the program, please contact the program coordinator.

Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training

The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Program at Texas State University has been used to train law enforcement officers across the nation in how to rapidly respond to dangerous active threat situations. Avoid | Deny | Defend has been developed as an easy to remember method for civilians to follow as a response to active shooter incidents.

Run. Hide. Fight

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. is another informative video created by California State University Long Beach Police Department to help people be better prepared to respond to active shooter incidents.