Commissions & Committees

Commissions, Committees, and Boards

Appointment Process

Commission appointments are made in accordance with City Policy 100-07. All members of City boards and City commissions are appointed by the City Council for staggered four-year terms, commencing in January, of odd-numbered years, following even-year November elections.

The Council may also appoint up to two alternates per Commission. Interim vacancies are filled by available alternates for the unexpired term of the member replaced. Vacancies on all boards and commissions are advertised in November of even-numbered years.

Upon the close of the application period, a two-member City Council Subcommittee conducts interviews of interested candidates. The City Council Subcommittee then makes recommendations to the entire City Council for appointments. Similarly, the City Council Subcommittee makes recommendations for Planning Commission applicants to be interviewed by the entire City Council.

Local Appointments List for Commissions, Committees, and Boards

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, California Government Code Section §54970 et seq., the appointment list of the City of Murrieta's Commissions, Committees, and Board members is posted on an annual basis.   

Terms of Office

Except in cases where the Mayor or City Council are not the appointing authority, no person shall be appointed to and serve substantially more than two full consecutive terms upon any single board or commission. Any person who has served substantially two full consecutive terms, shall not be reappointed to the same board or commission until at least the time equal to one full term has elapsed.

Role & Responsibilities  

Commissions act in an advisory capacity to the City Council and thus are referred to collectively as “advisory bodies.” Advisory bodies may formulate recommendations and function as a forum for discussion of various issues and should function as a group. The advisory role includes expressing views on programs and policies within the authorized scope of interest. Advisory bodies also focus on issues for the City Council, by identifying pros, cons and possible actions.

Member Requirements

Member requirements vary for each board or commission and are determined by the Murrieta Municipal Code and/or by City Council Resolution. The following are general requirements for Commission members:

  • Cannot be a City employee
  • Complete the Fair Political Practices Commission Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 (Planning, Community Services and Traffic Commission) within 30 days of assuming office
  • Complete Online Ethics Training within one year of assuming office
  • Must be a registered voter in Murrieta (except youth representative on the Community Services Commission)
  • Planning Commissioners must disclose financial interest in real property within the Redevelopment Project Area
  • Sign Code of Ethics upon appointment
  • Take an Oath of Office upon appointment