Collision Reports

A collision report can be obtained in-person at the Murrieta Police Station or online via It is your choice which method you would like to utilize when requesting a copy of a collision report.

Obtaining a Copy of the Collision Report in Person

Copies of traffic collision reports can be requested and obtained at the front counter of the Murrieta Police Station.

Obtaining a copy of the report in person requires the completion of a few steps:

  1. To obtain the report, you must fill out the request form and provide a copy of a valid government identification to one of the records personnel at the front counter of the Murrieta Police Station.
  2. Once you have made the request, records personnel have up to ten working days to process your request. When the report is available you will be notified via the telephone. At that time you can respond to the Murrieta Police Station and pick up the report in person.
  3. When you pick the report up in person a fee of $18 will be charged. The $18 fee covers the actual costs incurred for records personnel to perform research and prepare the collision report for release.

Obtaining a Copy of the Collision Report Online

To improve the processing and delivery of traffic collision reports, the Murrieta Police Department contracts with an online service to manage and distribute collision reports via the Internet.

It can take up to ten working days for a copy of the collision report to be uploaded to the online service. The cost of obtaining the report online is $18, which is a convenience fee charged by the online service.

To obtain a copy of a traffic collision report online, please visit 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the LexisNexis customer service number at (866) 215-2771.