Task Force Assignments

There are currently five Murrieta Police detectives serving on task force units within the county of Riverside working narcotics, auto theft, supervision of post-released ex-convicts and gangs.

  • DEA Riverside Enforcement Group 2: Handles major narcotics cases
  • Regional Auto Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID): Handles auto theft cases throughout Riverside County
  • Real Estate Fraud Task Force: Investigates and prosecutes a variety of cases involving real estate transactions and/or recorded deeds; including loan and mortgage fraud, straw purchases, mortgage rescue schemes, false or forged documents and any other crimes that affect title or equity for real property.
  • AB 109 Central-PACT: Focus on "high-risk" and "at-large" Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) offenders that pose the most risk to public safety.
  • Gang Task Force (GTF): The Murrieta Temecula Regional Gang Task Force (GTF) is currently supervised by a Murrieta Police Sergeant. The department houses the regional gang task force assigned to this region. Gang related cases investigated within the city are handled by GTF, as well as general detectives.