Career Firefighter Qualifications

The Ideal Candidate

The Murrieta Fire Department is seeking individuals with the following professional capabilities:

  • Respond to fire and other emergency calls, operate various firefighting/control equipment, and participate in:
    • Fire extinguishment
    • Rescue
    • Salvage
    • Ventilation
    • Other operations
  • Provide advanced life support and pre-hospital care as allowed under the Policies and Procedures of the local Medical Director
  • Assist in loading and transporting of victims; communicate with hospital and/or health care professionals concerning patient treatment and condition
  • Complete all required reports and input to the computer system
  • Maintain and service all EMS equipment; restock and order supplies as needed
  • Maintain all required certifications and meet continuing education requirements necessary to work as a paramedic
  • Perform routine equipment checks and fire station duties and participate in required training activities
  • Participate in fire prevention inspections of public and commercial buildings
  • May participate in clean up and disposal of toxic / hazardous waste materials
  • May drive fire apparatus and other staff vehicles
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  1. Working Knowledge
  2. Abilities
  3. Education
  4. Experience
  5. Special Requirements
  6. References
  • Basic fire prevention and suppression techniques and practices
  • Pre-hospital paramedic-level assessment, treatment and medical aid techniques