Focused General Plan Update Information

On July 7, 2020 the City Council approved the Final Land Use/Zoning Maps and previously approved the CAP and VMT Implementation on June 16, 2020.

City Council Approved General Plan Update Land Use Map

City Council Approved General Plan Update Zoning Map 

Updated Climate Action Plan Consistency Checklist

Updated Traffic Impact Analysis Prep. Guidelines (includes VMT Implementation)

Final Innovation Zone Code Amendment

For the Final Supplemental EIR, including response to comments from public review of the Draft EIR, please click here

The City’s existing General Plan was adopted in 2011 and provides a vision for the development of the City through 2035. This project includes a General Plan Update (GPU is Appendix H (below)), and Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (see below).

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR)
Front Cover through Table of ContentsSection 1 - Executive Summary
Section 2 - IntroductionSection 3 - Project Description
Section 4-1 - Land UseSection 4-2 - Traffic and Circulation
Section 4-3 - Air QualitySection 4-4 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Section 4-5 - WildfireSection 5 - Subject Areas Not Discussed in Detail
Section 6 - AlternativesSection 7 - Other CEQA Considerations
Section 8 - Effects Found Not to Be SignificantSection 9 - Significant Unavoidable Effects
Section 10 - References
Appendix A - NOP
Appendix B - NOP Comment Letters
Appendix C - AQ GHG Tech Memo
Appendix D - Water Study
Appendix E - Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix F - TIA Tech Appendix
Appendix G - VMT Analysis Memo
Appendix H - Draft GPU
Appendix I - Draft Zoning Code
Appendix J - Draft CAP
Appendix J App A-GHG Inventory Projections Targets Memo
Appendix J App B-Gap Analysis
Appendix J App C-CAP Consistency Checklist
Appendix J App D-Vulnerability Assessment Memo

General Plan Update

The GPU was a focused update of the City’s 2011 General Plan.  The GPU addressed changes in State law enacted since the adoption of the 2011 General Plan as well as changes to land use designations and the land use policy map in specific areas throughout the City.  The Project included an update to the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) to address new State and regional goals.  A SEIR was prepared for the GPU as noted above.  The GPU provides the City Council, Planning Commission, City Staff, and the entire community with updated plans to guide the City’s decision-making and development processes through 2035.

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