Commercial Services

Murrieta provides an array of trash, recycling and special waste handling services to residents and businesses through a contract with Waste Management. For more information about these programs, please contact Waste Management at 800-423-9986.

Commercial/Business Programs

The City of Murrieta has a mandatory trash pickup requirement for all property in the city. Murrieta contracts with Waste Management to provide solid waste and recycling services. Waste Management offers a variety of bin sizes ranging from 1.5 cubic yards to 6 cubic yards for business trash and recycling needs.

Commercial/Business Service routes begin at 5 a.m. (pickup usually begins at approximately 6 a.m, due to travel time). If there is a concern with accessibility, such as locked gates, etc, please feel free to contact Waste Management.

To avoid spillage, please make sure that the lids are closed and all contents are within the dimension of the containers. Waste should not be stacked above the top of the container or left outside of the container as this could result in overage charges. To prevent misses on your schedule and avoid potential accidents, please ensure that no vehicles are parked in front or on the sides of the container.

Roll-Off Boxes

Waste Management also provides roll-off boxes ranging from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards in size. These boxes are available for temporary or permanent use. Waste Management also offer recycling roll-off boxes for material such as: green waste, wood, concrete and asphalt.

Other Services

Email Waste Management for additional information on any commercial/business program.