Streetlight at NightThe City of Murrieta owns and maintains over 6,500 streetlights within the city limits. Any non-emergency issues with streetlights located within the city limits should be reported to the City’s contracted streetlight maintenance provider, Siemens Mobility at 800-229-6090, or

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Examples of City owned streetlight pole tags:

If a streetlight is owned and maintained by the City, then a pole tag like the below will be attached.

Picture showing example of city-owned streetlight pole tag

Exceptions to City Ownership

There are exceptions to what streetlights are owned by the City.

  • If streetlights are located in a gated community, they are not owned by the City (i.e. - Greer Ranch, Bear Creek)
  • If the streetlights are on private streets, they are not owned by the City (i.e. - Jackson Crossing, Spring Knolls neighborhood along Via Princesa)
  • If the location is in the unincorporated portion of the County, but has a Murrieta address, then those lights are outside of the city limits and are still owned and maintained by SCE.

Who to Contact

If you are trying to report an issue with a streetlight that is not owned by the City, then please contact Southern California Edison (Click Here to report a streetlight issue for SCE owned streetlights). 

If there is an issue with a streetlight that may cause imminent harm to persons or property, then please call 911.