K-9 Team

Canines are a proven law enforcement tool that have the potential to save officer's time and lives. Their keen sense of smell & hearing, coupled with their speed and agility, can locate people or objects in less time than it would take several officers. 

In high-risk situations, service of arrest warrants and SWAT missions, canines can provide a valuable psychological impact and when necessary, a physical apprehension  The canine can approach or subdue a person without risking injury to officers, who would otherwise have to deal with the incident.  Often times the mere presence of a police canine at an incident brings the situation to a peaceful resolution.  

Canines also help to provide a positive public relations impact and a crime prevention deterrent effect.  They can serve as a bridge between law enforcement and community members, opening doors and starting conversations to help law enforcement and community members build better relationships.

Extensive training and proper procedures are a necessity in successfully managing a police canine.

Murrieta currently has 2 active canine teams with 2 more teams expected later in the year.


K9 Lew is a 5 year-old Holland’s Herder, or more commonly known as, Dutch Shepherd.  He was born, and received his initial training, in the Netherlands and uses Dutch commands. He is currently assigned to Officer Bock and is certified in Patrol and Tracking/Trailing.  They both serve as members of the Southwest Cities Regional SWAT team.  K9 Lew and Officer Bock have been a K9 team since July of 2019. In his free time, K9 Lew enjoys taking a dip in the pool, playing with his favorite ball and following Officer Bock around the yard.


K9 Roger Nelson (Roger) is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois. He was born in the Netherlands and received his initial training in the Netherlands and Germany. He uses Dutch Commands. He is currently assigned to Officer Harwick and is certified in Patrol Operations. Officer Harwick and K9 Roger have been a team since November 2021. On his days off, K9 Roger can be found chasing his Frisbee in the backyard and playing with his Bassett Hound brother, George.

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