Parole / Probation Compliance

In October 2011, the implementation of Assembly Bill 109 took effect in the State of California.  The implementation of AB-109 meant the early release of inmates from California State Prisons into our local county jails and ultimately, into our community.  To combat the effects of this bill, the Murrieta Police Department took a proactive approach to the problem and formed a Parole/Probation Compliance Team.  This two person team is the first of its kind at the Murrieta Police Department.

About the Team

The Parole/Probation Compliance Team consists of two officers, working in full uniform and driving a marked police unit.  The mission of the team is to focus on any parolees or probationers living in Murrieta, as well as to keep up with the newly released AB-109 parolees.  The two person team conducts random compliance checks on parolees and probationers and works proactively to arrest parolees and probationers that have fallen out of compliance with their terms.

The team also handles radio calls that have a nexus to parolees and probationers and conducts follow up investigation on crimes that are associated with parolees and probationers.  The team works closely with the County Probation Department, as well as the Southwest AB-109 team working out of the Perris Sheriff's Station.