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District-Based Election System


On May 8, 2017, the Murrieta City Council took action to consider transitioning to a district-based voting system to elect its City Council Members, replacing its current at-large election system. The City of Murrieta will begin phasing-in district-based elections over two election cycles starting in November of 2018, with full implementation in 2020.

Current District Representation:

District 1 – Jonathan Ingram (Population 20,293)

District 2 – Christi White (Population 20,742)

District 3 – Lisa DeForest (Population 20,218)

District 4 – Lori Stone (Population 21,188)

District 5 – Scott Vinton (Population 21,025)

*2010 Population Estimate 103,466 (2010 Census)

Election Years:

Districts 1, 2, 5 – November 2022

Districts 3,4 – November 2024

To find your district, click on the District Map below:

District Map

District Map