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Murrieta Innovation CenterThis is an active time to start a business in Murrieta. Until this point in time, an entrepreneur with an idea to start a business had to seek funding, resources, and education outside of this region, but the foundation of a startup business ecosystem is beginning to form here. With everything from mentorship and educational resources to venture capital in the region, Murrieta is a place that you can take a business idea, commercialize it, and bring it to market.


The Murrieta Innovation Center is currently home to ten medical technology-based businesses that are incubating there to grow out of that space and into the business community.

Impact Southwest Riverside County 

Impact Southwest Riverside County is a 501(c)3 foundation of the Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce serving the communities of Murrieta, Wildomar and surrounding areas. The mission of Impact SWRC is focused on four main objectives; veterans, economic development, the environment and education in Southwest Riverside County.

Invest Southwest

Invest Southwest consists of a group of business leaders, nonprofits, economic development organizations and local government groups dedicated to improving the community by fostering innovation and technology startups. This group believes that launching new technologies and businesses fosters a more vibrant economic environment and brings high-paying jobs to the region. The goal of Invest Southwest is to eliminate the need for professionals to drive to Orange County and San Diego.


Headed by Executive Director Jay Goth, InSoCal CONNECT is focused on connecting business, government, and investors in the Inland Southern California communities. 

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