Information Technology

Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional customer service for the City by providing innovative solutions, reliable information, and technology services in a knowledgeable, dependable, resourceful, and professional manner to accomplish complete customer satisfaction with an uncompromising standard of excellence.


Hardware & Data

The Information Technology (IT) Division oversees and supports the following in 15 different geographical locations throughout the City:

  • More than 450 desktop and laptop computers
  • 108 printers
  • 74 networked servers in three main data facilities (datacenters)
  • 18 copiers
  • Five plotters

In addition, the IT Division also supports and maintains the City's telephone system and mobile phones, which consists of 324 telephone desk phones and 208 mobile phones.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

GIS services the needs of all departments that rely on geographical mapping data that contains distinct mapping layers for different types of information requests. Each department has specific and unique requests and it is GIS' complex task to analyze the request and then develop the appropriate computer-generated map.

Projects & Procurement

Coupled with leadership, stewardship, and strategic planning, IT oversees and leads all technology projects for the City. 

The responsibility of adhering to purchasing guidelines, set by the Finance Department, of all technology purchases falls on the IT Division. Proper methods of procurement such as request for proposals, request for information, and competitive bidding of technology software and equipment are followed and upheld.


It is the task of the IT Division to negotiate and execute contracts/agreements for all technology purchases and services. On average, IT oversees 20 contracts/agreements that are fully executed each fiscal year.