Yard Maintenance

The City of Murrieta's Code Enforcement Unit is responsible for ensuring standards for Murrieta yard maintenance. Please read on to learn more about common topics related to yard maintenance.

Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping should be appropriately maintained to include irrigation in compliance with current drought regulations established by the water district that serves your residence.


In an attempt to balance the need for enforcement of the Murrieta Municipal Code and compliance with drought regulations, the Code Enforcement Unit will continue to inspect possible nuisance yards for overgrown weeds and overgrown vegetation.

A front lawn is not required and may be replaced with a variety of other ground cover options, but overgrown weeds and overgrown vegetation are not allowed. Vegetation in the front yard area must be maintained if present.


The Code Enforcement Unit will only use administrative citations as a last resort to gain compliance. Before a citation is issued, the Code Enforcement Unit will issue a Notice of Violation or NOV as the first notification to correct the violation. A Notice of Violation is not a Citation and has no fines. Code Enforcement will work with the property owner or resident to establish a reasonable timeline as to when certain landscaping issues should be addressed.

Water Conservation

The State of California and your local water districts have web pages established that address water conservation. Please visit the City of Murrieta Water Conservation page which contains links to each of the four water districts that serve the City of Murrieta as well as numerous water conservation guidelines and helpful tips.