Business Licenses

Welcome to the Murrieta Business Licensing. Thank you for bringing your business to Murrieta. We wish you success!

Who Needs a Business License

Every person (1099) or entity planning to engage in business within city limits, regardless of whether the business is subject to taxation or not, must apply for a license, pay applicable fees, and obtain the appropriate approvals in order to procure a license.

"Business" means profession, trade, occupation, gainful activities, and all and every kind of professional, commercial, and industrial calling whether or not carried on for profit.


Please view our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions and Information page for business license related information and questions. If you have any additional questions not found on our webpage, our Business Licensing Staff is available during normal business hours to answer any additional questions you may have.

Online Services

We offer convenient online services available 24/7: Apply, Renew, Pay Balance, Closeout/Inactivate, Search for a Business, or Submit an Update/Change of Address Request.

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If your business office is located within Murrieta city limits, attach all applicable requirements in your application.   

Button - closeout inactivate

Closeout Or inactivate a license. *Only businesses located outside of Murrieta city limits may inactivate.

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Pay a balance due. 

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Licenses are eligible for online renewal up to 90 days prior to the expiration date and up to 12 months after expiration. 

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Search for active/current business licenses by business: name, address and type.

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Update business and mailing address, email, phone number, website, officer information, emergency contact, alarm information, and attach required documents. 

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