Budget Management

Annual Operating Budget

The Operating Budget is developed after a considerable review process. Departmental budget submittals are prepared and reviewed by line-item in connection with projected revenues. Detailed measurable performance objectives are developed utilizing a unified set of Citywide strategic goals. Expenditure and multiple year revenue projections are developed to identify the future impacts of proposed staffing and program changes, as well as the impact of proposed capital improvement projects. The result is that this document is a conservative, balanced budget that provides for quality services while effectively utilizing available resources.

Current Fiscal Year 2023/24 and 2024/25 Adopted Operating Budget

Previous Fiscal Year Operating Budgets

Budget In Brief

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget

The purpose of the CIP Budget document is to serve as a planning tool, which coordinates the financing and scheduling of major projects undertaken by the City. The CIP Budget document has been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. This document is dynamic and, consequently, must be revised annually to address changing needs, priorities, and financial conditions. The capital improvements presented in this document are the City’s major projects which have long-term life spans and are generally non-recurring. These projects include land and right of way acquisition, design, construction or rehabilitation of public buildings or facilities, public infrastructure design and construction, park design and construction, and redevelopment projects.

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