Self- Issuing Permits

The City of Murrieta Building & Safety Department is pleased to announce our new Customer Self Service Portal (CSS Portal) and SolarAPP+ automated permits. CSS Portal provides residents, contractors, and developers, access to some online permitting services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents and contractors are able to apply for solar permits, upload documents, make payments, and schedule inspections all through CSS Portal. For more information about CSS Portal permits and SolarAPP+, please 
click here to be re-routed to our CSS Portal information page.



*Service Panel Upgrade Permits for Solar Projects* 

Please be aware that ALL service panel upgrades require a separate permit. If your solar project includes a service panel upgrade, you will still have to show the service panel upgrade on the plans, but a separate permit is still required. To view the requirements and process for obtaining a service panel upgrade permit.

*Panel upgrades require a separate application, permit and fees. Only Electrical C-10 licensed contractors may obtain panel upgrade permits


DS- 140 Requirements- Solar Photovoltaic Systems

DS-147 Application- Building Permit


 The Customer Self Service Portal (CSS Portal), provides residents, contractors, developers, and visitors access to some permitting services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is now fully operational. Capabilities of this portal include the following:

  • Submitting and paying for building applications for the following self-Issuing permit types:
    • Residential HVAC Systems (Like for Like only) *See below
    • Residential Water Heaters (Like for Like Only) *See below
    • Residential Solar Systems, CSS Portal and SolarAPP+ automated permits. 

*Only projects that conform with SolarApp+ requirements are eligible to use the automated instant permitting. Visit


      1. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+

  1.  Register and submit through the SolarAPP+ Webpage.
  2. A processing fee will be charged by SolarAPP+ for plan review. A checklist will be generated when approved. See inspection checklist sample.

       2.  Apply for Solar Permit.

  1. Create an account and log in to CSS Portal. 
  2. Select "Apply", then under Permits Tab click "ALL". In search bar enter Photovoltaic and click “Enter” Select "BLDG-Building (R) - Solar Photovoltaic SolarAPP+"
  3.  Include the SolarAPP+ ID as the project nameFollow the guide to process an instant solar permit.
  4. Upload the SolarAPP+ inspection Checklist to the CSS Portal permit.

        3. Apply for Residential HVAC’s & Water Heaters (Like for Like)

  1. Create an account and log in to CSS Portal.
  2. For HVAC: Select "Apply", then under Permits Tab click "ALL". In search bar enter HVAC and click “Enter” Select "BLDG-Mechanical HVAC Replacement Like for Like"
  3. For Water Heater Replacement: Select "Apply", then under Permits Tab click "ALL". In search bar enter Water Heater and click “Enter” Select "BLDG-Water Heater Replacement Like for Like"

           4. Inspection

  1. Solar inspections shall be scheduled through CSS Portal.  
  2. Inspections for 2 projects/addresses per solar company can be accommodated per day. Additional Project/address inspections can be scheduled for the same day with adequate notice, please contact Building and Safety. (951)461-6062.
  3. Field solar representative shall verify the inspection checklist and sign the document confirming completion prior to inspection
  4. See How to schedule an inspection
  5. Permit, SolarApp+ approved inspection checklist and specification must be printed and on the job site for inspection. Fialing to have all documents on job site during inspection might result in a failed inspection. 
  6. A reinspection will be applied if work is not ready or if revisions are not completed via SolarApp+.  Inspection fees include only 2 site visits, additional site visits will have additional fees.
  7. To cancel inspection the day of call Building Department (951) 461-6062.

            5. Revisions 

  1. Revisions can be processed in the field prior to the inspectionThe revised SolarAPP+ approved documents are required to be uploaded to the permit on CSS Portal.


Find trainings for SolarApp+ and all clean energy resources


Information / How to Guide for CSS Portal

  1. How to Register for an CSS Portal Account 
  2. How to Schedule an Inspection 
  3. How to Pay & Obtain Permit and Job Card 

SolarApp+ tutorials

  1. 1. SolarAPP help
  2. 2. Electrical Microinverters
  3. 3. Electrical string with DC
  4. 4. Electrical string with out DC
  5. 5. Input example relating to current carrying conductors
  6. 6. Revision process



 *Like for Like: 

  • Water heater: changing a 50-gallon water heater with natural gas for a 50-gallon water heater with natural gas, in the same location. 
  • HVAC: Changing out the HVAC system for the Same size/ ton and in the same location. Please note that you will only receive a permit.  Inspectors will sign off Inspections on the permit.


If the size, location, or utility changes a different permit is needed- Please call Building and Safety (951) 461-6062 or apply for the traditional permit, not the like for like permit type.