Care Solace

In January of 2023, Murrieta City Council Members began researching programs to assist the residents of Murrieta with the mental health challenges being faced in our community. Two of the main goals of this endeavor were to increase access to mental health services and increase awareness about mental health. In December of 2023, the City of Murrieta entered into an official partnership with Care Solace to accomplish those goals and more by supporting access to mental health resources for all Murrieta residents and those who work in Murrieta.

What is Care Solace

Care Solace is an organization that bridges the gap between first responders, justice systems, social agencies, and community-based mental health providers. They serve over 730 organizations across the United States and now offer their services free of charge to all Murrieta residents.

Care Solace connects you to mental health and substance use treatment providers, regardless of insurance coverage. They also connect those in need with social services like housing, medical aid, food, and community-based organizations that provide social assistance.

More Information

Our Community Behavioral Health Assessment Team (CBAT) will be our department’s liaison with this program and offering its services to residents in need. Visit the CBAT webpage for more information and contact numbers.

For more information about Care Solace, please visit their website linked below or watch the following video.